Episode 1: Jonny Vliet


Length: 10:08


Guests: Jonny Vliet


Creepy Doll: None


Commercial: None


Funniness: ( 3 out of 5)


Crudity: Weird But Clean


I feel thankful when I listen to this episode, thankful for that fateful night when Steve and I randomly decided to entertain ourselves with his camera while munching a common evening snack of “Toasted Oatmeal Squares” from the bar stools along his kitchen counter. We never imagined, on that special night, that this recording would be the first of many. Steve actually started out calling himself a slightly less original name: “Steven King.” If you listen closely you can hear his name end abruptly near the beginning of the episode due to editing that took place after we realized (1) a better name, and (2), that we enjoyed listening to ourselves in a radio format and began to consider playing this recording for others. Also, the entire intro to this episode was recorded at a later date and then applied to the beginning of the show to make it sound more official (and to cover up more references to the talk show host: “Steven King“), the original recording actually doesn’t start until you hear Steve applauding his first guest, Jonny Vliet (once again, not the most original name). We’ve tried to make up for it since then with a preverbal smorgasbord of crazy names for our characters, everything from the “Stoink’n Boink’n Loins” to “Rad Wilderbeef.” All sorts of crazy characters and catchy quotes are coming your way, and this website is your ticket to hours of embarrassing esoteric entertainment.



Jonny Vliet


Back you go....


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