Episode 2: Slick Doggie Doo


Length: 18:24


Guests: Slick Doggie Doo


Creepy Doll: Nicolas Morrison


Commercial: Moment of Silence


Funniness: ( 1 out of 5)


Crudity: Pretty Clean. Some potty humor…or should I say barfing humor…or should I just say….barfing, no humor


Favorite Quotes:


- “Accepts Visa, Master, checks and credit card”


- “Now that you’re in these sound poof booths”


- “We’ll get the interview under-ray”


-“Winners go home and….uh…date the prom queen”


There is apparently no limit to the amount of mental flatulence and giddy gigglyness that was plaguing me that fateful night… I easily consider this to be my worst SLS performance of all time, even worse than the only episode to be classified a B-side: “Sim Sim Dim Wong” (which raises the question: Then why isn’t this episode considered a B-side?). Well, unfortunately it survived due to an array of classic elements: (1) Some memorable quotes, (2) The first Creepy Doll advertisement--which I’ll discuss more later, (3) The introduction of Sean Connery to the show, (4) Steve barfing his food into the sink when I told him that I was born into dog poop--not that funny, but apparently well timed, and (5)….it was only the second episode, if we‘d nixed it, we‘d be 1 for 2. But then, to make matters worse, I had to go and immortalize it when I referenced the dog-poop-birthing incident in episode 18: “Dr. Burton & Dr. Lethabutt.” Fortunately for Starlight Steve (or perhaps unfortunately, depending on how you look at it), his career didn’t end there…


At this point Steve was still calling the show “Live” with Starlight Steve instead of “Late Night” with Starlight Steve….I suppose the “late night” began as a logical response to the decreasing caliber of humor which I’m sad to say only gets worse from here on out. But this episode laid some fundamental foundations for what was going to become the framework of the show. Each show now starts out with Steve’s famous “Da da dat dat dut” as an intro to the Creepy Doll advertisement; which is the next groundbreaking element to enter in this episode: every show starts with a plug for the latest “Creepy Doll” from the “Creepy Doll Collection.” A Creepy Doll can be anyone from a close friend of ours, to a distant acquaintance, a celebrity or even someone that we just make up. Each Creepy Doll has its own special abilities and features, and the idea for the first one started with an actually creepy magazine ad for a porcelain doll which looked uncannily like my youngest brother in law, little Nicholas Morrison. I think the doll was actually originally portrayed as playing with some farm equipment, but Steve and I changed that, and a few other facts and turned the ad into an intro for our next show. I don’t think we yet realized that this would become a staple of Starlight Steve. But it’s nice to have a sort of calling card, something smaller than the actual thing itself, that begins to bring and iconic ingredient to the show.


Another precedent we set in this episode was to cut to an “advertisement” in the middle of the show, which was a nice chance for us to recompose ourselves before “wrapping it up,” but unfortunately for the listeners, it wasn’t until episode 11: “Frolicking Foofen” that we actually decided to start filling that space with another advertisement, instead of just a “moment of silence.”


Despite my contempt for this episode, I can’t deny that it is a fundamental part of Starlight Steve history. There are even a few parts I enjoy, like when I say “Well, I dun wanna stay away from my roots.” And Steve replies “That’s true, that’s true, we all have to get back to our roots.” Even from the beginning it was hard to tell if he was really listening to what either of us was saying sometimes, but some of those botched conversations make for the best memories. And all though Steve ends the episode by saying “We’re never coming back on the air, OK?, We’re just never coming back.” I’d like to say, I’m glad we did Steve, I’m glad we did…




Back you go....


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