Episode 24: Bash McThrushmunger


Length: 20:40


Guests: Bash McThrushmunger


Creepy Doll: The Christina Doll


Commercial: Zerff Personal Cooling Jet Pack


Funniness: 3 of 5


Crudity: Its ok, just don't think about some comments too much.


Favorite quotes:


- "Do you know what equinox means?"


- "We do have a new cereal coming out for the teething community called, snot balls."


- "No I think I will sit a little closer to myself."


- "Yeah we got a couple more boxes sold"

      "Did they blow up?"

"(sniff) Oh I am sure they did."



I can't believe that here I am in 2019 writing another one of these. I haven't had anything to do with Starlight Steve since 2006. That's when we recorded our final two episodes, two episodes that until 2019 have never been released. I can't really tell you why I never got around to editing these. I think they were recorded at the end of the creative life cycle for the show and got put on the shelf while I just moved on to other projects. I think it was also a sort of creative complacency that held me back. Since there's not a lot editing that go into these I felt well I can just do this anytime I want and so therefore I didn't. It's been interesting because recently I've gone through this creative journey where I've been trying to go through a bunch of old projects including Starlight Steve and to give new life to them. The journey has been fun and filled with a creative nostalgia. I went on the trip recently and knew I would have a lot of downtime so I thought I should take these old episodes, listen to them, and edit them together in my spare moments. So there I was sitting in the Minneapolis Airport, on my laptop, with my new headphones, listening to Episode 24 Bash McThrushmunger, at times laughing quite loudly while people just went about their business. Was there a lot of stuff I had to cut out? You betcha. However I feel I left the spirit, such as it is, of the episode intact. There's definitely probably some parts that lean maybe a little offense these days, but I can honestly assure you that none of that was ever intended then or now. It was definitely a thrill going back and listening to this episode, hearing Jonny and Jordan coming up with jokes on they fly, and just experiencing and brand new episode of Starlight Steven which I remembered next to nothing about. I don't think it's our best episode but there was definitely a few moments that literally had me just laughing out loud in the airport. Anyway, to our “fans” out there who haven't listened to any of these for a while, I hope you will be excited to hear a brand new episode straight from the depths of 2006. Remember to have safe travels wherever you may go.





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