Episode 25: Scumbedelli


Length: 22:06


Guests: Scumbedelli


Creepy Doll: Old TV Doll Collection


Commercial: Ricks 1 900 LOVEMEA (Dating advice for Canadians)


Funniness: 2 of 5


Crudity: It looks over at the line and nods, but never crosses it... too much.


Favorite quotes:


- "I got a face, only a chat room could love."


- "It was like wartime."


- "We thought of that first and fartmost."

   "That's lastmost, for those of you keeping score."



4:49 a.m. November 26th 2006. Honestly I can't remember what on Earth compelled us to record an episode so late that it was really early morning with Starlight Steve. I think the lack of sleep and the hour of recording goes a long way in explaining some of the absurdities that are in this episode. And honestly there's some parts that are weird even for Starlight Steve standards. That being said I really feel like the episode did hit its stride around the halfway mark and Jonny pulled out some of his best work to date with the children's war toys section. (Sounds worse than it is)


At the time we recorded this we obviously did not know this was going to be the end, but at least as of the time of this writing, it is the final last most episode of Starlight Steve. It’s a bit bitter sweet to tell you the truth. So I guess just enjoy the journey with Scumbedelli, a guy who runs a deli because it’s literally in his name. It was exciting to edit this last episode in my hotel room in Albuquerque New Mexico, knowing this was it, and I was finally wrapping up something that started back in 2000. While I feel like it started off slow it definitely built up quite nicely and I think there's some genuinely funny moments even though there's of course many cringe-worthy moments too. Sorry about that. I hope as you have a listen you don't get too sad that this is the end of our journey, but I also hope you don't get too happy either. Just enjoy it for what it is, another crazy late night, or early morning with Starlight Steve. Till next time have safe travels wherever you may go.





Back you go....


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