Episode 3: Stokin Boinkin Loins


Length: 8:50


Guests: Stokin Boinkin Loins


Creepy Doll: Chris Morrison


Commercial: Moment of Silence


Funniness: 3 of 5


Crudity: Clean as a kangaroo pouch


Favorite Quotes:


-“do a little flub, make a little dance”

-“They said ah-bwoa-ugh, Anyway!” “They did?, They said that?”

-“back’is loins, eh?”

-“Your disgusting”


Third time’s a charm…or at least a reasonable facsimile. Stoink’n Boink’n Loins didn’t deliver humor with the precision of a surgeon, but at that point the bar just wasn’t very high, so we both agreed that the episode cleared. I don’t think it was until this point that I began to perceive the formula forming before me….take a minute to process that….and I started to realize that this was something we were going to do more often. So far I think we‘d only intended to listen to these recordings ourselves, but by this point I was depressed to realize that we’d probably make a lot of them and people would eventually hear them. …Actually that is a more retrospective view, I guess at the time I probably thought they were the feline’s nightwear and was excited at the thought of creating “new episodes.” Because now we had a blueprint, a direction, a rote! (it‘s a word, look it up). There were precedents and goals, and the baby steps for some run-on gags. It seemed a bright time for Starlight Steve indeded.


This episode starts with Steve’s very first attempt to just ramble off facts about the latest “Creepy Doll.” It was nothing too elaborate, but I’d have to say he did a good job. We established that he would generally take the brunt of creative energy consumption early on, with the opening commercial, and I would just chime in my 2 cents somewhere near the end and try to salvage my creative juices for the episode to come. (Don’t worry, Steve always had plenty to spare).


I have to say, I do like how small and concise this episode is. The 8m. 50s. time-code roughly reflects the amount of time it actually took to make this episode. Before editing came along, I think this played a vital role to maintaining the listeners interest, because face it…we’re not that funny….don’t look so surprised, yes, I know about it. Now when we make an episode, you might as well stoke the fireplace and bunker down for a long winters night (if its winter, I guess). It usually takes an hour or more to record now: about 40 minutes of recording and about 20+ minutes of…I don’t even know what…and then about 10-15 minutes will probably be cut from the episode, never to be heard again. I guess that’s part of growth…


Something a lot of people seem to notice about these older episodes, is how rich they are with white noise--just natural background sounds that give you a more real and gritty feel of being in the room with the characters. It may be time to begin rediscovering the value of some of those authentic sounds. I guess it’s not that we’ve abandoned the white noise, but I have noticed it’s evolution over time. I think as we began incorporating more guests into the show, it became more about the overlapping conversation you hear rather than the subtle noises of motion. And in more recent episodes it’s begun to include artificial sounds that get overlaid in an attempt to make our environment, no matter how fabricated, sound larger and more interesting. Yet it’s apparently a characteristic of human nature that we seem to have a natural appreciation for the authentic. Thus, I feel that it’s time to come full circle and begin learning from the past.


Anyway, I guess there’s little to say about the episode itself, it’s a humble installment to the Starlight Steve universe, but a classic nonetheless. Enjoy.


Jonny Vliet


Back you go....


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