Episode 3: Stokin Boinkin Loins


Length: 8:50


Guests: Stokin Boinkin Loins


Creepy Doll: Chris Morrison


Commercial: Hardly a moment of silence


Funniness: (3.5 out of 5)


Crudity: Clean. Baby approved.


Favorite Quotes:


- “Marsupials yeah, but I uh, prefer German women."

- "Wow I thought it you said it so uh, that's how it went."

- "Uh Riencurst Germany, or I might be mispronouncing that. Dublin... no wait that's Ireland."


By this episode the show was officially labeled “Late Night with Starlight Steve” and we were in business. One continuing theme so important to the show, especially in the earlier episodes, is the constant sounds of plates sliding around on the table and silverware clashing against dinnerware. Then there are of course the sounds of crunches and the smacking of masticating lips, and my favorite, a good chunk of the Q and A done with food in our mouths. All of this made for a full chorus of audio cues to the happenings in the studio while the interview was under way.


            This episode was classic for me for several reasons but I think above all what gets me is two traditional iconic themes that start to develop in this episode. One is Starlight Steve’s inability to understand his guest or the context in which they converse. It’s as if at times the guest say one thing and Starlight Steve just figures he wants to go ahead and say sometime else even if it has nothing to do with the subject at hand. If your not sure what to say, say something totally unrelated that’s his motto. Also the slew of misinformation is hilarious, case in point with Starlight Steve trying to pronounce Stokin Bokin Loins hometown "Uh Riencurst Germany, or I might be mispronouncing that. Dublin... no wait that's Ireland." The second theme is Jonny’s ability to utter randomness and foreign sounds during the episode, some barely audible. In most cases it is just to get his accent back. There are too numerous instances to recount but just listen in the episode carefully to see how many you can pick out, it makes you wonder if he really knows he is on the air.


            In developing in its closing remarks this episode was not what I would call trail blazing. In fact we kind of take a few steps back with such as an abrupt ending as it was. We would have to build on our sign off skills later however it definitely shows us the kind of relations Starlight Steve has with both his guest and his audience. He hopes one will come back and the other will leave him alone.




Back you go....


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