Episode 4: Rahul Refeekie


Length: 8:50


Guests: Rahul Refeekie


Creepy Doll: Chris Morrison


Commercial: None


Funniness: 3 of 5


Crudity: Not too dirty…but I definitely wouldn’t eat off it.


Favorite Quotes:


-“They come with exquisite realistic hair because… it is really their hair!” “They’re armpit hair!” “….We gotta go now!”


-“You know,? Just work with me here everybody.”


-“Holding for thunderbutt!”


-“You work with sheep.” “Sheep, goats…holt.” “Rammbs?…HOLT?! Did you say holt?”

I almost value this episode as a reminder of the naivety that Steve and I enjoyed back in those carefree high school days. Although we intended no derogatory implications, my character portrays Indian culture with some pretty embellished and off-base stereotypes of their living conditions and lifestyle. I really wasn’t trying to make a statement about my personal beliefs or feelings toward Indian culture (which I actually admire and appreciate), it was just blatant cultural ignorance and uninhibited silliness that provided my controversial end of the conversation. This wasn’t even really the first episode that I made ridiculous claims on behalf of a certain culture--and sadly not the last. I’ll probably try to avoid it more in the future but, the truth is, I mean no disrespect to any given culture and hopefully anyone who knows me well enough to listen to these episodes already realizes that. So with all that in mind, I am able to look back these episodes and smile at my sincerely innocent culture bashing.


Throughout Starlight Steve, we’ve had many background guests and even some co-guests, but that dynamic all started on Huset’s Hutchinson kitchen counter with Steve, myself, Chad Chaffee, some bar stools and a pile of Toasted Oatmeal Squares. Chad happened to be over at Huset’s when Steve and I decided we wanted to create our fourth installment to the Starlight Steve franchise, so we figured “hey, every studio needs a janitor, and maybe he kind of stumbles into the studio once in a while during the show….After all, Sean Connery is a busy man, and he can’t be on duty all the time. So we created Jan the Janitor, or sometimes known as Jon the Jonitor….but always preferring to be called: MACORMA-COva-naffee-tof--…Did you get all that? Yea, neither did I, nor anyone else, including Chad himself! It was just kind of a random rambling that Chad would minutely change every time he demanded being called….it. Anyway, this concept of including other random friends from time to time, has proved to offer a nice diversity to the show. Each individual brings a unique and refreshing approach to the “fake-live-radio” atmosphere. And there seems to be that element of rarity = value as well. When you only get to hear a certain character once or a few times, it adds an extra element of value to those episodes in which they appeared. That’s just the way it works, and so I’d like to just give a shout out to all the people who have contributed to creating the lovable characters of Starlight Steve. Thanks guys, You’re awesome!


Enjoy the Episode…and the raunchy story based partially on true events, (that’s all I’ll say about that because I’m assuming Steve will cover that aspect more fully in his comments).




Back you go....


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