Episode 4: Rahul Refeekie


Length: 12:38


Guests: Rahul Refeekie


Creepy Doll: The Olsen Twins


Commercial: None


Funniness: 3 of 5


Crudity: Think of a toilet.... filled with humor. Toilet humor.


Favorite Quotes:


-"That sounds like a load of crop."


.-"..and the sewage flowed into my hole."


"-The sewage just burst into my hole... hole sweet hole."


-"Let me please here this story from your lips."


-"No you know what happens when you push it don’t you? Being a janitor you should know. You have to clean the toilets and, you know, mop up the floors."


Another episode, another something new. This go around we introduced a character by the name of Jan the Janitor who could assist Sean in the daily chores around the studio. We would call him Jan at times and sometimes Jon, but he always availed to impress upon us that his real name was Macava corn a copia or something to that effect. None of us really quite knew what he was saying at that point, nor did we really bothered to have him write it down for us, probably because Jan couldn’t write but that is not what this behind the scenes is about.


            The introduction of a side character to guest on the show once in a while was pure genius. It added a unique spice to the show and threw in an unpredictable element for our listeners. The fact that he was not in every episode and that we periodically would introduce new characters in that slot kept the show fresh and unpredictable, while we yet retained a since of format.


            What was not pure genius is a huge bathroom story towards the end of the episode. If there is anything I regret over our approximately six year run, it is that sequence. Is it because I hate potty humor? Well, let’s face it not everyone is a fan, at least not enough to be interested in such a long and graphic story. But the bugaboo in this sequence that haunts my ears is my complete and utter deficiency in telling that simple story. It was pushed, stretched, and blown out of proportion. It could have been a one-liner and maybe that would have been passable but as a story it failed. Mostly because I failed to conger up the appropriate comedic timing that was crucial to selling this terrible moment. Also it takes the spot light off my guest who at one point said, “Recognize me.” Poor thing, poor Indian with a slight Russian accent for some reason known possibly only to Jonny.


            This was also an episode that really started making completely ludicrous statements about other ethnic cultures. I would resolve for one to not take too much offence to these comments for three reasons. I submit them to you now. Number 1: They are so outrageous, so outlandish and just out of this world that how you could ever find these quips as anything but unbridled fantasy is beyond me. Number 2: We make fun of EVERONE. Haven’t been made fun of yet? Just hold on we are getting to you. Number 3: Its Jonny Vliet saying them on the Starlight Steve show, he loves and is loved by all, and that should be enough to silence even the harshest critics.


            Oh and one last note. Finally got the closing remakes correct and I got cut off at the end. Isn’t that how it goes? Also I regret the end section sounding weird as far as the voice goes, I know we did a little editing there for one reason or another, and with all things considered it was most likely for the best.




Back you go....


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