Episode 5: Jed and Bed


Length: 12:50


Guests: Jed and Bed


Creepy Doll: The Full House Collection


Commercial: Toasty Toaster Collection's Model Mach 3


Funniness: 1.5 of 5


Crudity: For some of it you may want to cover your children's ears, and while you at it you own as well.


Favorite quotes:




-“Hey you matty… matty head.”


-“Hey L C.”


-“You may not believe this but this is true as my nose is here.”


-“She's the sweetest thing I have ever laid my hands on.”


I forgot to do the count down. There was differently a lack of consistency to those original episodes. We follow a much stricter guide line as far as the radio show formats are concerned these days. I am not sure if that is a good thing or bad, however I do know that the more I learn about audio, the right and wrong ways or recording, the more I learn how many rules we are not just breaking, but totally smashing, burning, and vaporizing the left over ashes. Levels, pops, background noise and on and on the list goes of audio offenses we have made. If you are an audiophile you will want to hang us about 2 minuets into the episode, however to us they add shall we say… flavor.


This episode just like all of the early ones had firsts. The first and ONLY time I tried to interview myself. I played both the interviewer and interviewee. Bad combo. Dumb idea. I am so thankful that we cut it short in righteousness. It lasted about 25-30 seconds before I said (to myself) “…ok you’re not on the show anymore.” That was one of the only good calls that episode had to boast. Although having Sean Connery escort Jed off the show while I'll yelled at him was quite a feat of voice changing and throwing for me, something I have been fortunate ate not to have repeated. Also this is the first commercial we had to show off with the Toasty Toaster Collection's Mach 3 toaster. Nothing says “honey come over tonight and let me cook you a romantic dinner”, like a slice of toast. Butter not included.


I have always loved the subtle side jokes and noises that happen in the background such as me asking Jon the Janitor what the next word in the crossword puzzle was. And then there is Jonny and I, trying to keep the episodes clean but failing oh so many times and making so many unsuspecting children (any that perhaps listen) aware of so many things that would make sailors blush with shame.(too cliche? yah I know but it's true) This is such iconic SLS action going on right there front and center, for better or for worse. It however was not our funniest episode for whatever reason. Was it Jonny struggling to keep the accent? No, that was just pure classic. Was it too dirty? Maybe, maybe not. What I think it was, was just too weird. Yes I know Starlight Steve is supposed to be weird, but this was a little too hiss hashed and out there even for me. I felt like I was in one of thoes dreams where I am struggling to see what is going on around me but my eyes are shut and want to remain that way and I can only squint a bit here and there to see to keep from bumping into things which I seem to do regardless. In this case you might wish it was your ears that would stay shut, or that of little babies that might be nursing in same room with you, or that you might be nursing... I am getting off topic! Bed had holsters in his hips for crying out loud, and if that aint strange then you are into some freeky stuff, and I pitty your poor nursing infants. However that all said, like some many episodes we did sort of get on a roll when it come down to the end of the episode and made some great memorable moments. I thought Bed's song in the end of the episode was rendered very beautifully by Jonny. That was another first for Starlight Steve and for sure a classic, just like the times we had.


-- Steve


Back you go....


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