Episode 6: The Smuggler


Length: 14:46


Guests: The Smuggler


Creepy Doll: None


Commercial: Nadda


Funniness: 3 of 5


Crudity: Smuggling poop (presumably out of pants), smuggling brains (apparently into pants), you decide…


Favorite Quotes:


- “Absolutely,”-“of course, of course…whatever that was, but of course, of course…”


- “Mr. Steve!...I’m eh, uh, I’m surprised”-“You took pictures, that’s great”-“You’re kind of slow aren’t you?”


- “I’m going to get an eish cold glosh of melk”


“I’m the SMUUUUUGLER!”…Those infamous sound waves bounced around Steve’s kitchen and probably back to the master bedroom--to which his parents were relegated during the recording of our reoccurring Starlight Steve episodes. I remember listening to the episode afterwards, in his basement, and the way my blown out voice rattled his overtaxed speakers. For some reason this was hilarious to me at the time; since then, I have come to consider this technique somewhat of a staple for Starlight Steve.

This episode was unique in that, for some reason, we started off with Steve’s “da da dut dut dut,” but then instead of continuing into a Creepy Doll advertisement, we just let The Smuggler have a little self-ballyhoo time—in which I announced myself “very softly.” Then once the actual episode began, I was allowed (for some reason) another introduction, which…well, we’ve already talked about that.

I also clearly remember that at the time this episode was released, it would have easily been a 5 out of 5, had we been comparing our episodes….to the number 5. However, I’d have to say that I’m probably thankful that the years have bumped it down to threesville because it means that the episodes have hopefully gotten (slowly) better….(very slowly)…(and not a lot better), but hey, up is up.





Back you go....



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