Episode 6: The Smuggler


Length: 14:46


Guests: The Smuggler


Creepy Doll: None


Commercial: Nadda


Funniness: 3.5 of 5


Crudity: Not too bad, you've read worse on the bathroom stalls walls.


Favorite quotes:




- "I just want to be clear on this topic."


- "I'll smuggle his brains into his paints."


- "You'll find that I am much more than a smuggler, even though I am pretty much a smuggler."


I believe this episode was the birth my crazy laugh that I have resorted too from time to time when occasion arises. It was when Jonny was replacing the Creepy Doll ad with his smuggling plug that I noticed that the lens cap that covered the camera while we recored audio was missing. So there it was an extreme close up of Jonny's mouth as he talked ever so tenderly into the lens that made me burst out with an explosion of shrill laughter such as that had never come from my breath. I remember him using some porcine bear once he found out what was going on to cover the lens and I was rolling around on the floor laughing. You can actually hear me fall off my stool and hit the ground with a thud.


           For a long time this was my favorite episode. We had one of the best performances from Jonny, the concept was solid, my Sean Connery was not great, but it was my best spin on it so far, Jon the Janitor was there throwing in a few comments, there were lots of great references to our first episode and the Smugglers mimic of me yelling into the mic a the beginning of the episode was a priceless quote for weeks. Sometimes I wonder where we get all these crazy ideas. I mean having a guy who just smuggles things for a living was a unique idea. Not to sound too sappy but I believe that was Jonny's idea and it was ideas of his like that and so many more that made it such a great experience to work with him every time. Each time was sat down and sketch out ideas for a new episode we always worry that we won't capture the magic of these classics episodes, but I always feel a little relived knowing Jonny is on the scene. It seems as if he has an endless supply of humor and good times to share, which I believe elevates me to deliver my best.




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