Episode 7: The Tattoo Man


Length: 15:02


Guests: The Tattoo Man


Creepy Doll: Michael Jackson Doll


Commercial: Zip


Funniness: 2.5 of 5


Crudity: Some less that shiny clean moments, but over all not too terrible.


Favorite quotes:


- "...so he can become any nationality you want. Red, Yellow, Black, White, Hindonesian, anything."


-"Hey baby wanna spread your peanut butter."


-"Michael Jackson only cost all the money in the world, thats right all the money in the world, or four simple installments of 1/4 of all the money in the world."


-"Alls they see is some crack in the leaves and they wouldn't know what it was till they got too close then POW hahah I'd take 'em down haha."


-"Let's see I, I think I, I had a list of questions for you here, cuz your such as interesting character, I really don't know what I can talk to you about."


For reasons unknown we decided to reverse our roles in this episode. Jonny in my opinion did a flawless Starlight Steven intro. Let me break down what is in tailed in a Starlight Steven intro. 1. You have to be caught off guard. 2. You have to then get ready do a little countdown and then yell with all your might "Hello everyone, hello! Its time for late night with Starlight Steve." 3. Your voice must crack a little on the Starlight Steve part. 4. Then you lower your voice just above a whisper almost with a romantic quality in it as you say "and I'm your host Starlight Steve." Jonny had this down pat. It showed he was really paying attention. We had a great time with this episode, as it had been in the concept stage for quite sometime. I remember driving around Hutchinson Minnesota with some friends talking about such an idea as the Tattoo man. I don't remember or not if we talked about switching rolls just then or not but I do remember coming up with some colorful ideas and stories to add to the character.


I remember trying really hard to be a crazy guest during that episode. It was more than just trying to be funny or creative, it was about capturing the craziness that Jonny brought to the characters every episode. I wanted to be consistent so was trying to be aware about how I fit in with the all the characters that came before me, as well as trying to be as witty as possible. Jonny I take it was thinking the same thing. It was really surreal to see him playing Starlight Steve so well. I was actually quite proud of him you could say. He had that patronizing way about him just like I do, and was great at muttering insults under his breath.


All in all this episode really impressed me on the level of acting and trying to fit into a different character. Not saying that I thought I did a wonderful job at acting, just that it was fun to really get in there and try something new and unfamiliar. As far as the humor of the episode goes, it was not our finest hour in that respects but I can think of a few worse endeavors we have had over here at Giant House. Its with a spin or maybe too.




Back you go....


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