“Its time for late night with Starlight Steve and I am your host Starlight Steve.” Welcome to our official Starlight Steve web page. Starlight Steve was started by Steven Huset and Jonathan Vliet back in early 2001 as they sat in Steven’s kitchen eating toasted oatmeal squares talking about life. Since then it as grown to over twenty three episodes and has had just under ten different people on the show playing countless characters. It’s all about Starlight Steve, a down on his luck late night radio talk show host who keeps getting interrupted at the worst possible times to record an episode by his creepy producer Max. The people he has to put up with both the workers in the studio to the guest on the show all of them are stranger that you can throw a stick at. Also in each episode be sure to listen for great deals on Creepy Dolls, the official sponsor of Late Night with Starlight Steve.


There are plenty of other fun and interesting products advertising themselves on the show that you probably didn’t even know were out there on the market or that were even legal to sell. I hope you will stay a while and come back often, and that you will find hours and hours of enriching entertainment found right here on this web site.


Have safe travels wherever you may go.

Starlight Steve



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